The Team

James Profile pic 2
James Hayward

Writer, Admin, Nickname: Judge

Strengths: RPG, Strategy and Tactics, Driving.

Weaknesses: Shooter, Sports – FIFA in particular… very bad at FIFA.

Favourite Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Twitter: @jameshayward123


Malex Profile pic
Alex Hawker


Site Admin, Nickname: Malex

Strengths: Puzzle, Platformer, Driving.

Weaknesses: RPG, Shooter, Fighting.

Favourite Game: Unravel.

Twitter: @THEmalex



James Brightman Profile pic
James Brightman

Editor, Streamer, Nickname: Jammy Dodger

Strengths: RPG, Platformer, Survival.

Weaknesses: Driving, Sports, Simulation.

Favourite Game: Final Fantasy VII.

Twitch: Jammeus

Twitter: @JamesBrightman


Meyrlock Profile pic


Author, Editor, Nickname ‘Meyrlock’

Strengths: RPG/Adventure, Strategy, FPS.

Weaknesses: Platform, Fighting.

Favourite game: Pokemon – all of them!

Twitter: @meyrlock