A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV

Developer: Square Enix

Release Date: 01/03/2017

Genre: Action RPG

Platforms: PlayStation [Reviewed on], Xbox One


Players control Regis, venturing out his younger days alongside his loyal companions, each fleshed out through witty and fitting dialogue, all through the imagination of Noctis as the King reads him a bedtime story. Combat is well explained and develops constantly as players progress. For those long time fans of Final Fantasy there are plenty of recognisable nuggets to enjoy.

The battle system imbues SE’s known and loved magic such as thunder, fire, and blizzard, with hack and slash combos, team attacks, and the occasional summon – which all look fantastic.


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The regular transition between action and bedtime story telling by Regis to young Noctis breaks up the gameplay perfectly. One minute the fearsome Titan is decimating enemies, the next Noctis is almost jumping out of bed in excitement – much like me when I saw the summon!

4/5. All in all it is a fantastic free to play game. It takes roughly an hour to complete the story but players have the option to challenge themselves with the Dream Battle challenges if they wish – try and get the combo achievement! I can’t help but think there should have been a little more to the main game. There is a solid array of attacks to choose from but by the time they’ve all been explained the game is over. Otherwise, top notch and well worth the download!



Happy Dungeons

Developer: Toylogic Inc

Release Date: 12/09/2017 

Genre: Action RPG

Platforms:  PlayStation [Reviewed on], Xbox One

Hilarious! Funny and delightful characters to watch and drive the story forward, simple yet fun battle system, and a BUNCH of tools for customisation.

10 minutes of play told me everything I needed to know. It’s hack and slash with a few little tricks and nasties up ya sleeve – nothing too complex or mesmerizing – but there is a cute little story within, and it hooked me.


Should you tire of the warrior class there the Cleric ad Mage classes to choose from; one healer and one doing magic damage using spells.


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The combat provides variety, the Mage in particular – all the spells in the images above are accessible from the get go and swapping between classes is easy – players don’t need to make a whole new character, instead the game provides character slots which are all available on one file.

Sadly, there are some negatives. Laying all this out on a plate early on does mean that what follows feels quite repetitive. Most dungeon crawling games do have repetition and Happy Dungeons is no different. Sometimes new enemies appear and there are different items to use to enhance your combat experience but, at the end of the day, the levels don’t progress much and the novelty wears thin.

That didn’t stop me from cutting through some hours. The character customisation alone is brilliantly funny and, honestly, you can do so much with these little critters.



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Upgrading gear and weapons is, again, simple and fast. Players collect coins from enemies, smashing boxes or vases, and spend them at the smithy.



4/5. Repetitive maps throughout the game let Happy Dungeons down but that doesn’t take away from all the fun. Download it, make a wacky character, and hack your way through the goblin hordes. If you can get friends to join the dungeon crawl it will enhance the experience massively. I’ll end the review with a short clip of carnage from a quick play game. Enjoy!