Written by James ‘Judge’ Hayward

Starlit Adventures

Developer: Rockhead Games

Released: 10/04/2018

Genre: Adventure

Platform Reviewed: PlayStation 4


Bo and Kikki wake from slumber to reclaim stolen stars from an evil shadow lord. With 8 different themed worlds, each with 8 levels to search through, players have plenty of stars to take back from the clutches of evil.

It’s only competitive via score rankings online, otherwise it’s just a colourful adventure to kick back to. When a nearby rainbow flower blooms, Bo and Kikki can grab it to gain temporary invulnerability, allowing them to trounce through enemies and block obstacles alike. Playful noises and a flurry of your points rising on screen radiate success. Couple this with the bright and wonderful worlds and you find it hard not to smile as you play.

The most prominent tools at B&K’s disposal are their suits. Initially, you are given a basic adventure suit – Bo uses a boomerang to hurl at enemies and Kikki digs through, or pushes aside, blocks in their way. Starlit Adventures does give players the opportunity to test out other suits such as the ‘Bomb Suit’, with free passes in levels specifcally designed to be tackled in certain ways. Check out  this electric styled suit with its special magnetism ability!

And there are so many different suits to chose from!

Each suit with unique traits for B&K to use prompts replaying levels to scope out every nook and cranny. While some items or gems may seem untouchable at first, players can always track back to find them with a different ability.

Finally, the sticker album  – you gotta have some collectables! Throughout Starlit Adventures, Bo and Kikki will stumble across little blue packets of stickers that they must collect to fill the album documenting their journey together. Its simple and fitting for an endearing game like this. Plus it boots your exp!

4/5. Damn this game is fun. This very simple adventure game isn’t what I would normally go for, but Starlit Adventures constantly warmed me to my core. I had a huge smile on my face playing through this game and I can’t wait to explore each world to it’s fullest.





Developer: Six Foot Games

Released: 01/08/2017 – PS Store

Genre: Action Space Warfare

Platform Reviewed: PlayStation 4


Dreadnought comprises of various game modes of spaceship warfare. Players can fight bots or take the fight to other Captains in a death match, elimination, and my personal favourite, the onslaught – fighting a seemingly endless armada of enemies. The hanger allows captains to customise their ships and 5 ship fleet. In the very early stages, Captains are provided with a balanced preset squad of ships ranging from the heavy armoured ‘Simargl’, the slender sniper ‘Rurik’, the brutal ‘Brutus’, and the support ship ‘Palos’. These are all tier 1 ships and can be upgraded to a maximum of tier 5. Each their own class and each enhance the battle their own unique way. The Palos can restore health to allied ships whereas the Brutus, also known as the Destroyer class, can blast its way through most enemies in the air, and has a tough shell to boot. Simply put, it does contain a standard tank, dps, and support set up. However, this can be altered and personalised to a player’s preferred playstyle and the upgrades make each ship very different.

Newer classes have drastic improvements – very noticeable I found. The ‘Dover’ for example, a simple upgrade to tier 2, and the first I encountered very early on, offered a very nimble style of play…

And how great do those guns sound? Like a sci-fi Spitfire at your fingertips. Also, did you notice the shield surrounding the Dova before the missiles passed? This is one the most fluid uses of the touched pad I have encountered in any game. You swipe left to improve your weapons, right to power up a shield, upwards to boost power to thrusters, and downward to cancel any of these three enhancements. You’re limited to how long each boost can last. Managing these boosts, and cancelling them when necessary to conserve energy, could determine your success or failure.

Another important point to make is that the scenery looks pretty amazing.



I was taken back by how much Dreadnought had to offer as a free to play game. The Dover example was only changing to a better ship, but each ship has its own particular upgrades. Additionally, the appearance customisation is impressive. From small coloured Spartan Helm emblems, to an entire ships being coated in specified paint colour, should you can accumulate enough money to play around in the hanger a fair while providing you battle regularly. All this makes for one hell of a download.

5/5. I don’t know about you, but this little gem slipped under my radar. Since downloading it, I have joined the community forums to reach out to other captains for a more competitive experience and it is thriving right now. While it does take somewhat of a grind to reach new heights it is a very detailed game, with thrilling airial warfare, for no cost. 12GB off of the PlayStation store, can’t go wrong.





Orcs Must Die: Unchained

Developer: Robot Entertainment

Released: 18/07/2017

Genre: Action Tower Defence

Platform Reviewed: PlayStation 4

Orcs Must Die! Unchained_20180619005544

A cracking rendition to a tower defense game. 3D, traditional trap strategies but with a unique flair, and with a lengthy enough campaign to blast through.

Select from 3 starting heroes; Maximillian using the crossbow for a ranged assault, the sorceress Gabriella causing arcane and kinetic damage, and the beast that hacks and slashes wildly through the orc ranks, Blackpaw.

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After these guys, its up to you to choose which heroes you want to unlock. Spend your ‘skulls’ wisely as you gather them from successful defences. I chose the ice bear, Tundra, as my first unlockable, he is capable of some cooool arse carnage!

The traps are the most versatile asset to players in the game. Barricades help usher orcish minions along certain routes making it easier to lure them into choke points, and then there is the usual spikes, wall to ceiling traps, accompanied by flip traps. Combining this arsenal of devastating toys with character abilities spruces up the traditional tower defence genre – the orcs become very… theatrical.


All heroes can use loadouts consisting of said traps, items, trait slots, consumables, and, my personal favourite, the beefy guardian slot. You may have noticed his stalwart presence in the video.

Guardians are players most durable line of defence. Initially, you are gifted with the lion guardian but gradually you can access more to fight alongside you. They each have their own advantages or abilities that can aid in the defence and, of course, there are plenty to chose from.

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‘Weekly Challenge’ mode is also available should players wish to up the ante. The loadouts are preset and you are given a select few heroes to use. Despite this, the scenario offers heroes that may still be locked in standard play. Hogarth, Bloodspike, and Bionka were available in the ‘Inferiority Complex’ challenge, none of which are starting characters, none of which I had unlocked. Therefore, a great mode when testing out who you want to spend your skulls on next!

I have always enjoyed the traditional tower defence and dreamed of a version with action packed gameplay like this. It is fun, it is full of content, and you can unlock the characters easily enough without splashing out cash – it stays true to it’s free to play branding! The only inevitable negative for a game like this is the repetitive play style. If you enjoy the genre it shouldn’t be a problem and the vast choice in unlockables helps a great deal.

4/5. Fantastic game. If repelling wave after wave of orcish hordes in a lighthearted fantasy tower defence gets your gamer thumbs tingling then download it, you won’t be disappointed.