Welcome to The Gamer’s Voice!

The aim of TGV is to aid fellow gamers in making their decision to part with their cash for the right game. I, James Hayward, an avid gamer, Creative Writing graduate from the University of Derby, will publish reviews based on ‘the full package‘.

What does ‘the full package’ mean?

Simply put, if a game is sold at full retail price you, as a consumer, should be getting your money’s worth. Any scoring I stamp on a game is based on the quality of graphics, story, gameplay and mechanics. All in all culminating into whether or not the game has provided an enjoyable experience for the player. ITS ALL ABOUT YOU!

This month its all about FREE TO PLAY!

June 16th – Starlit Adventures, Dreadnought, and Orcs Must Die: Unchained

June 27th – A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV and Happy Dungeons


Who the F*** is James Hayward?



This is me, beard n all. I’ve been playing games for 20+ years now and, since leaving university, have always wanted to put my passion for writing to good use. Well, here it is.

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